Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Last Three Months

Prayer requests:
                          We can get our conference center booked
                           We are able to bring glory to God through our actions and words

Praises:        We have received all the things we shipped down in March
                    We have been making intentional family time
                    We got our Visa's (permis)!!

The end of January we were blessed by another ministry organization as well, by lending us a teacher, a painter and a mechanic for a week.  The teacher gave Kristie a much needed break for the week and the painter and mechanic helped cross off a lot on Nicky's to do list.

Our visiting teams have been doing construction, working on dorms on the compound, building a new church, and doing some welding and generator work, along with bringing a much needed welder and supplies.

Another ministry we partner with brought down a professional painter to do much needed painting on our volunteers quarters.
A team of three from our home church, FBC Hendersonville, came in April.  We were blessed by them helping us start a carport for our house, helping teach the kids (while Kristie painted), and did lots of photography for upcoming gran moun and teacher sponsorship.  What an encouragement to have friends come and work along side you!
Helping start our carport
Visiting our kindergarten

Gran moun feeding program

Xander learning to weld
Our boom lift arrived!!

One team had asked us weeks before if we had any personal supply needs and they went above and beyond in blessing all of us missionaries on the compound, especially the kids, 42 suit cases.  It was like Christmas time.  Just being blessed with the everyday items like ziplock bags, honey, and candy/ snacks.

During the egg hunt
The most recent team was here over Easter.  They brought in lots of supplies along with candy and plastic eggs for all the kids on the compound and other missionary families to enjoy an egg hunt before bible study.

The kids were all smiles after receiving their prizes.
 We love having teams who work selflessly to invest in God' s kingdom.  Teams have worked ministering to our gran moun (old people),  patients in the burn clinic, kids in the schools, building a new church, drilling and repairing wells, and encouraging us. Without teams we couldn't get much done behind the scenes, bringing in parts and supplies keeping us going when things are broken. And the people we get to meet and have relationships with that continue, especially if teams come back year after year.

We continue to pray for more missionaries to come full or part time to minister alongside us keeping our compound maintained and running well.

The kindergarden girls love playing with Ellie's hair.
Brian and Carla Tyndale were here for 2 weeks doing revivals

More loads heading up the mountain.
A load getting ready to go the new church building site.

A son dedicating this new church to his deceased father.
Our mission built a church 1 1/2 hours up the mountain in a place overwhelmed by voodoo. Forty-two truck loads of materials and water were taken to get it done.  This kept Nicky busy repairing trucks and tires along with everything else going. This church was dedicated to a young father of 3 young kids that lost his life in a accident.  He came to Haiti years ago with Global on a team and that started his love for Haiti.  This man's parents, younger brother, and 12 yr old son came to dedicate the church.  It was a sweet ceremony, so many Haitians hungry for God 's word.
A new church built in a place overwhelmed by voodoo.

Youth Dorms being built
A team member being baptized  in the pool, not all our ministry is to Haitians

Fun in the Kitchen!

Well drilling a mile from the compound.

Xander hard at work.
That boom lift can't get here soon enough.
It's here!!  Nicky has used it almost everyday since it arrived.

Welding a dozer that was working on the new soccer fields for a new ministry her on the compound

Youth leaders conference.

Fighting fires next to our compound.

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