Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Future

  Being a missionary is so exhausting.  I had no idea!  You think it just means being willing to move or help people.  There is a lot of  work that goes on behind the scenes besides the hard work that goes into doing your ministry.
   We finished Missionary Orientation Training (MOT) Feb. 11th.  The past few weeks have been frustrating and humbling.  We are working on getting our brochures, prayer magnets, business cards (with our contact info), power point presentation ready.  I thought I was pretty good with a computer but I realize how much I don't know. 
  The Lord has to remind me several times a day that I don't need to relie on myself for this.  I need to do more giving my problems to the Lord.
   We are anxious to get back to Haiti. We can't go back until we raise funds to move down and 100% of our monthly support coming in for the first few months.  We want to be as effective for the Lord as we can.  Although the work is hard and never ending we miss being a crucial part of Global Outreach in Haiti.  Ellie says she misses giving out the food on Monday mornings and Xander misses working in the shop with Nicky.
  Please continue to pray for us to not get discouraged in doing all this technical computer stuff (I know this will help in telling as many people as we can about what God is doing in Haiti through Global Outreach), and that God will touch the hearts of the people that will give to God's ministry.