Monday, June 11, 2012


We have had a big week since our last post.  We got our homes rented! Praise the Lord! That was all God. This will allow us to help support ourselves while in Haiti. The Lord gave us a "heads up" while on our first 3 month trip to Haiti 10 years ago.  We knew we would need support when we went  full-time, now its here and he is providing.

We had a great time at our Chick-fil-A spirit night (Monday June 4th). So many friends and family came out to show their support. Thank you to everyone who came!  We had a an awesome turn out. I don't think I've ever talked so much in one evening.  We also had a few people who made monthly support commitments. PTL!!!
We don't ever sit still for too long.  Tuesday morning we headed to Atlanta to visit and share with family and go to Chick-fil-A headquarters.  We were hoping to see Mr. Cathy but it didn't work out. We did get to share with a few people at the headquarters there in Atlanta.We had lots of fun seeing all that goes on there and of course eating all and as much as we wanted and unlimited deserts, wow!  It's a good thing they have a gym they encourage there employees to use.

Being in Haiti seeing so many struggle to stay alive because they don't have the simplest necessities like food and clean water, it's hard to imagine a business with so many benefits and the way they take care of their employees. This shows how a Godly business, run on biblical principles, compared to Haiti, being dedicated to Satan for 208 years and how satan can erode and deceive.

We are pressing on toward the goal of being in Haiti full-time.  We are raising our full time support one person at a time. Please pray for us right now and share with friends and family about us.

Our next next newsletter is coming out soon.  We will be including a list of items that would be helpful to ship to Haiti.  If you have or know someone that might have these items sitting in their garage or basement not getting used please let us know. Email - or cell # 828-699-8542.

We will only be able to get to Haiti full-time with your help!  This is not a two person job, we need help!  We, I more so than Nicky, are having a hard time just getting the simplest, daily things accomplished much less all the extra missionary things we have to do like blogs, newsletters, thank yous, making appointments, laundry, moving from place to place etc.

These gorgeous falls were outside of the Chick-fil-A headquarters.