Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great week with our first team in Haiti

Prayer request!
Pray that we find the right people to ship our container with and the right people in Haiti to recieve it out of customs. This is a big deal. But God can provide the right expereinced ones to do this and not be taken advantage of.

Pray for Xander, Ellie and our marriage that we would take time with each other and not just rush thru and miss time together as we spend 16 hours a day, most days working on ministry.

Pray that we can ship our container in September and move full time in October to Haiti.

Pray for donations to come in this month of items to ship to Haiti in Sept.

Pray for our monthly support to be close to 100% before we go allowing us to get items to put in container and send.

We are at 67% monthly support coming in

More tools donated and in container

Meeting new people helping us in the ministry

Nicky lead a team of 5 guys from FBC Hendersonville to haiti last week.  They had a very productive week.  The Global Outreach ministries require lots of maintenance.  The team was willing to whatever was needed.  They helped mix and pour concrete by hand, repair well pumps, paint, did electrical wiring, change bulbs on our security lights, spend time with youth at a Saturday camp, and finish a metal building.

We are getting closer to moving to Haiti full-time, (still do not have an exact date, but are realizing how much stuff needs to be done before we actually move. (get supplies, (just about everything that we would need for the next 2 years, furniture, appliances, etc.), pack and ship container, and raise support all while trying to be a family.) 

We praise the Lord for all who have and still are supporting us monthly and the ones who have given one time gifts.  We pray daily that the Lord will bring supporters to us, not just so we can go but so that we can stay and be effective in furthering His Kingdom.

Here is the list we have put together of items we are praying get donated.  If you have or know of someone who may have these items please email or call 828-699-8542