Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas Celebration!

We have had another big week working to get our container off the chassis and where it will be our storage place for many years. Friday I called a crane service and found the best price and did, a friend had recommended them. I had to go pay them Friday before they would come Monday. Nicky spent from 11 am till 4 pm looking for the business and never found it and called for directions and no one would ever answer. Called them Sunday and they said they would send it and we could write a check. The crane got there by 10:30 and a semi truck came to move it into place, when the trailer they were hauling unhooked to hook up ours the trailer collapsed to the ground. They moved our container into place and the big crane was scared to lift the empty container off the chassis, the cranes winch wasn't working right. So I called the company and told the the driver wouldn't lift it off he told them to come back and get another crane and be come back, they didn't make it back. Mean while the container that fell the owners worked all day trying to jack it up to put it on the truck but never could. Crane came back Tuesday and lifted ours off and slowly into place and the semi pulled the chassis out of the way and parked the truck on a hill and walked away. I went to show them where to park the chassis and the tractor and chassis start rolling away fast but no ones in it so I run and jump in it and found the brake and got it stopped. Equipment is wore out in the USA then shipped to Haiti instead of being sold for scrap metal evidently. We then set 20 24' trusses on the church we are helping the community to build. It was the same price to rent the crane for 1 hour or all day.
We've spent a lot of the rest of the week putting stuff together and sorting out what goes where and loading extra into the container for storage and getting tools straightened out in the shop.

We got a call Thursday that customs is charging almost 100% for our UTV and trailer. We can't pay that kind of money and wont. We are asking everyone to pray God will move and reduce this to a acceptable amount so we can use these tools for work on the compound and well ministry as Nicky's work vehicle.

Saturday morning Nicky lifted the doors for the youth worship building, huge metal doors. We have our first activities Christmas eve from 2pm till 6 AM Christmas day with a big meal at midnight and the youth dress up for that. Exciting for them to have this place to be blessed and hear the Gospel at. These youth are from the local churches. The youth program is called Camp Barnabas here at Global Outreach Haiti.
The kids like hanging on Nicky
The kids handing out gift back packs full of goodies
Trusses we set at our church in TiTanyen 1/2 mile away from the compound
Our youth leaders helping move the big doors to lift them up

Nicky lifting the doors into place


Pray that God would move and drasticaly reduce the price to get our UTV out of customs
For the youth Christmas celebration Christmas eve
For a towable boom lift to be donated


Our container is in place and loaded with our extra items for the future
We are getting our house in ourder slowly (painting and screening the porch and puting stuff where it goes
Getting to use our donated tools has made nickys work alot quicker and easier. THANKS

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Container arrived

We have been so blessed by all the prayers that have helped to get our container out of customs in record time. It was all God, it was only in customs for 11 days, a friend of ours has one thats been in customs since July. We are still praying for our UTV and trailer to get out of customs.

We are having trouble with getting internet that will work here. We are using our phone for most of what we do here. Pray we find the right company  as they all promise their company will work where we live.
 Our church in TiTanyen Sunday school teachers came over yesterday for a get together and boy could they sing so beautifully. Our schools are running well and thru our child sponsorship program alot of the kids are sponsored thanks to Becky Ivy in KY who takes care of this from home. Wow how much difference one person can make here even from the states.


Our container arrived

The next day we unloaded it all!

A team from KY helped Nicky paint the shops.

This is upside down but The Mennonites from down the street cam and sang us Christmas Carole's, what a blessing!


                             Prayer request

Pray for our UTV and trailer to get out of customs
Pray we can get our visas finished
Pray for our internet that we find the right company to provide it
Pray for our youth Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve from 6PM till 6AM


Our container arrive after 10 days of work at customs
Have had 2 great teams in the last month get alot of behind the scenes work done
Kids are keeping bug spray on better
Got 2 generators running and our crane truck working thanks to a electrician from Nashville



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being Here!

We have been here for 3 weeks now and I have to praise God for us being here.  We feel an awesome peace about being here, like God has been preparing us for our new home.  All of us are settling in really well.  Nicky goes to work at 7am and comes home for lunch.  The kids and I are getting back into our routines of school and chores.  The adjustment to the heat isn't as bad as I thought it would be,  we have been blessed with mid to upper 80's the last few days.

Please pray for the kids as they are passing some kind of cold/cough/fever back and forth (Ellie one day then Xander the next).  This has been going on for a little over a week.

We have been painting the last few days hoping to get it done before our container gets here.  We hear that it has made it to St. Marc, (although the company we shipped it through can't say if it is here or not), so now the waiting really begins to see how long it will take to get out of customs.  We have given all to the Lord, because he could have it out tomorrow of it is his will.  The other missionaries here had our home all set up so we could move in.  It has been great being "HOME".

Bathroom before....

and after ( this actually a pale sunny yellow)

Poor Ellie had about 50 bug bites at one time.
Today at lunch Nicky told me that a woman at the gate was trying to give her little, maybe newborn, baby to them.). Could you imagine the hopelessness you would have to feel to give up your baby?
 We actually found out later that this woman's daughter died in childbirth, so she is taking care of all her other kids too.


Pray for our container, UTV and trailer clear customs soon and as cheaply as they can
Pray for us to have wisdom in every decision we make
Pray for our kids safety and health
Pray for a towable boom lift to make much of Nickys work quicker and safer

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Our Container To Florida

It has been an exhausting and exciting past few days.  Wednesday, October 24th we had a truck and crane come to SC to load up our container.  Then we finished packing the UTV on the trailer and headed out for our 2 week trip to Florida and Mississippi.  Our plan was to drive straight to Port of Palm,  Praise the Lord we only needed to make one stop to an auto parts store for needed repairs and parts (an exhaust leak and change a trailer tire).

Nicky decided we needed to drive all night to get there by 6AM.  We slept in the van for 1 1/2 hour before we had to meet up with our container to unload it at 8AM.  It took a couple of hours in line to get our paper work done. It was kind of scary leaving all of our possessions like this but we trust it's in God's hands. 

We stayed in south FL for a few days then headed to visit family in St Augustine for a couple of nights and going to Turning Point at Calvary church Sunday. 

We have been praying for ways for us to have fun family time while traveling and the Lord blessed us with friends who have given us free tickets to the Disney Parks for the day.  Xander and Ellie have never been and it has been 23 yrs since Nicky and I have been.  This is going to be a treat for the  kids to do something special as we drag them around constantly in this life we are living.

Please pray for our traveling schedule:

Tuesday head toward Mississippi
Missions Conference Thurs - Sat.
Sat. Headed back to Hendersonville for last Service at FBC Sunday
Go to SC Monday night
Go to last service at Northside in Laurens Wed. night
Pack for Haiti
Friday head to Atlanta so we can leave for Haiti Sat morning

This gives a few things to pray for! Thank you for being a part of what God is doing thru our family!
Packing in the last few things we can. not wasting a inch!!!!
screwing plywood on back to make sure nothing falls out
loading our container onto a tractor trailer. Was 480 lbs under
 what semi was allowed to carry. That was close.
We had some van trouble on the way down. We replaced a tire
and a exhaust donut gasket and got back on the way to Port of Palm
in Florida. Drove straight thru the night after leaving at 2 PM and got
there at 6AM along with our container on a semi to unload at 8 AM.

Xander unhooking the chains holding it on the trailer!

setting it off at the Port to be put on a ship soon

We have our container and trailer on its way to Haiti.
God has been opening doors left and right for us .
We have been healthy thru this as we have been running so much over the last 8 months.


For our travels as we leave FL going to Mississippi and have our missions conference the end of October thru first week of November the head to NC Saturday the 3rd then to SC the 5th and to Atlanta the 9th to fly out the 10th.
For our container and trailer to be sent quickly to Haiti and for us to be able to get them out of customs quickly and cheaply and back to our compound to set up our house. We will be in a apartment until this happens.
For our support to be 100% as we leave. We are at 73% right now!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Praises:  Ellie accepted Christ Sept. 6th
              We bought our plane tickets to move to Haiti (Nov. 10th)

Prayer Requests:  For our family (This is a very stressful time)
                             For the Lord to send the right trucker, shipper and receiver for our container
                             For the Lord to provide us with a towable boom lift 50'                                        Pray for us to get the right crane to lift the container onto the right truck to take it to the right port to have the right receiver to get it thru customs and to our property in Haiti and a crane to unload it on our compound. Also we have a trailer and a UTV we are sending and have to get thru customs.

I never thought the day would come when we actually had a date to move to Haiti.  Well now we have it and I am overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and all those other emotions us women get.

We are leaving on November 10th.  That is just a little over a month away.  (THAT IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY!!!!)  Please pray for my sanity.  The Lord knows this is the right time, but I have been praying for this for a long time and now that it is here I am praying for more time.  There is so much to be done on our end, mainly getting all the things we will need to take with us on the plane.
We speak in Danville KY next Wed night. So we have about 10 days to get everything done before we leave to take stuff to Florida, then we go to Mississippi for our missions conference and back to Hendersonville Nov 4th then to SC and gone to Atlanta the 9th.

We will shut the doors on the container Thursday the Oct 11th.  At first we thought how are we going to fill this thing up now we are praying for wisdom on deciding what to squeeze in there.  It filled up faster than we thought.  Nicky has spent hours packing the container trying to use every square inch.  Like a big puzzle it is exhausting.

Thank everyone for your prayers and support.  We couldn't do any of this without it.  People praying for us is what is helping and encouraging us make it through the day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Great week with our first team in Haiti

Prayer request!
Pray that we find the right people to ship our container with and the right people in Haiti to recieve it out of customs. This is a big deal. But God can provide the right expereinced ones to do this and not be taken advantage of.

Pray for Xander, Ellie and our marriage that we would take time with each other and not just rush thru and miss time together as we spend 16 hours a day, most days working on ministry.

Pray that we can ship our container in September and move full time in October to Haiti.

Pray for donations to come in this month of items to ship to Haiti in Sept.

Pray for our monthly support to be close to 100% before we go allowing us to get items to put in container and send.

We are at 67% monthly support coming in

More tools donated and in container

Meeting new people helping us in the ministry

Nicky lead a team of 5 guys from FBC Hendersonville to haiti last week.  They had a very productive week.  The Global Outreach ministries require lots of maintenance.  The team was willing to whatever was needed.  They helped mix and pour concrete by hand, repair well pumps, paint, did electrical wiring, change bulbs on our security lights, spend time with youth at a Saturday camp, and finish a metal building.

We are getting closer to moving to Haiti full-time, (still do not have an exact date, but are realizing how much stuff needs to be done before we actually move. (get supplies, (just about everything that we would need for the next 2 years, furniture, appliances, etc.), pack and ship container, and raise support all while trying to be a family.) 

We praise the Lord for all who have and still are supporting us monthly and the ones who have given one time gifts.  We pray daily that the Lord will bring supporters to us, not just so we can go but so that we can stay and be effective in furthering His Kingdom.

Here is the list we have put together of items we are praying get donated.  If you have or know of someone who may have these items please email or call 828-699-8542

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Quick glimpse of what God is doing in our lives right now:


                           CONTAINER TO SHIP OUR STUFF TO HAITI
                            BRAND NEW GAS STOVE
                            HEAVYDUTY TOOLS
   WE ARE 60% SUPPORTED                                                                                  
Prayer requests:





                   The past few weeks have been non-stop.  I know that doesn't surprise anyone who knows us really well.   To tell the truth I have told God several times that I am done doing this!  I just want to go back to our "normal" lives.  Of course that is not good enough for God!

Revealling himself through different avenues like my personal quiet time, bible study, songs on the radio, or friends with encourageing words, God has showed me that I wouldn't be happy with our old "normal" life.  It may be easier, although God allows me to remember how draining it was to have too much of a routine, actually a rut.

What I was reading in my bible study this morning spoke volumes to me, of course God knew I needed to hear  that.  Am I willing to trust God's timing in revealing His plans for me?  Am I trying to place time constraints on God?

I am only human but I do have God's grace and mercy!  Praise God!!  He continues to gently remind me, daily,  that His timing is perfect.  As Nicky says this process is a marathon.

We are over 60% supported right now and yes we could go and live in Haiti, but that would only be a temporary fix.  We are in this for the long haul.  We see what awesome things God is doing through the other missionaries at Global Outreach Haiti Mission and we want to see it continue for many more years.  The hard work and tears that have been poured out over the Haitian people is not something to take lightly.  We want to give God our best!

As hard as it is to not to have a steady place to call home, God has us in a place where we are getting to know our supporters more and enlisting their help in raising support.  We are only two people with limited relationships.  Imagine our friends telling their friends about this great work God is doing in Haiti, they can reach so many more people than we ever could.

In God's perfect timing, he has given us a container to ship our things to haiti.  We have sent out a list of needed items in our most recent newsletter, I am also posting it below.  We have already gotten a gas stove donated from friends that work at Electrolux in fletcher and many thousands of dollars worth of tools from friends that aren't using them anymore.

Sometimes, actually most of the time, I think God needs to hurry up and get us to Haiti because there is so much to do and we are needed so badly.  Does he not understand that we are giving up so much to follow his call?  We could be touching and helping so many more people in Haiti than here in the US!  Then God reminds me that He will take care of things, that I don't need to worry and that maybe we are supposed to be touching and reaching out to those in the America, helping them realize how blessed we are here!  To help them reach out to those who need help wether it is in another country or here in their own community.

List of donation items needed for Global Outreach Haiti Mission

Help us find these items to make our work in Haiti safer & quicker

Hydraulic Pipe bender
Concrete gas saw
Reni water heater
2 sets of electrical tools and belts
Quality rolling tool boxes
Heavy duty rolling jacks
Creeper stool and creepers
Atv jack
Transmission jack
¾” or 1” air gun & impact sockets & extensions
3/8 air gun ratchet
Quality air grinders & wire brushes
Air shears
Transfer pump for tractor tires
12 volt water pump
12 volt fuel pump high volume
Hand fuel pump
2000 watt Honda generator
Heavy duty garden hoses and reels
Sets of vice grips (name brand)
Sets of channel locks (name brand)
Chain pipe vices
12’ Sthil gas pole saw
Quality Air hoses, reels , air chucks, air tools & 3 ways
Polaris ranger crew UTV
Drill press vice
Drill bit sets & reverse bits
Industrial bench grinder
Long magnet for screws in road
Backpack leaf blower
Clothes line reels
Plastic break lines
Vacuum & fuel hoses (different sizes)
½” & ¾” & 1” pipe threaded for ridged 600 electric
Tool sets in own toolbox
Washer & faucet valves
Power tire changer (up to 20”, 22.5” better)
Husky belt measurer for length
Small Hilti hammer drill
25 gallon atv sprayers
Commercial waffle maker
10’ projection screen and projector
Commercial gas stove
Commercial kitchen free standing sinks
Pick up truck
Solar panels/ batteries/ inverters
Big flood lights (HPS or MV)
Quality sand blaster
4000w miller welder generator
10’-15’ wide bush hog
Cases of bug bombs
18’ gate opener
All kinds of mechanics tools
Bounce house
Dolly wheels
Job box
3/4” plywood  treated  & untreated  15 sheets
Picture frames 5x7  8x10
Fiberglass ladders
24 foot aluminum walk board

Tow behind lift 45’-50’—–—>

Monday, June 11, 2012


We have had a big week since our last post.  We got our homes rented! Praise the Lord! That was all God. This will allow us to help support ourselves while in Haiti. The Lord gave us a "heads up" while on our first 3 month trip to Haiti 10 years ago.  We knew we would need support when we went  full-time, now its here and he is providing.

We had a great time at our Chick-fil-A spirit night (Monday June 4th). So many friends and family came out to show their support. Thank you to everyone who came!  We had a an awesome turn out. I don't think I've ever talked so much in one evening.  We also had a few people who made monthly support commitments. PTL!!!
We don't ever sit still for too long.  Tuesday morning we headed to Atlanta to visit and share with family and go to Chick-fil-A headquarters.  We were hoping to see Mr. Cathy but it didn't work out. We did get to share with a few people at the headquarters there in Atlanta.We had lots of fun seeing all that goes on there and of course eating all and as much as we wanted and unlimited deserts, wow!  It's a good thing they have a gym they encourage there employees to use.

Being in Haiti seeing so many struggle to stay alive because they don't have the simplest necessities like food and clean water, it's hard to imagine a business with so many benefits and the way they take care of their employees. This shows how a Godly business, run on biblical principles, compared to Haiti, being dedicated to Satan for 208 years and how satan can erode and deceive.

We are pressing on toward the goal of being in Haiti full-time.  We are raising our full time support one person at a time. Please pray for us right now and share with friends and family about us.

Our next next newsletter is coming out soon.  We will be including a list of items that would be helpful to ship to Haiti.  If you have or know someone that might have these items sitting in their garage or basement not getting used please let us know. Email - or cell # 828-699-8542.

We will only be able to get to Haiti full-time with your help!  This is not a two person job, we need help!  We, I more so than Nicky, are having a hard time just getting the simplest, daily things accomplished much less all the extra missionary things we have to do like blogs, newsletters, thank yous, making appointments, laundry, moving from place to place etc.

These gorgeous falls were outside of the Chick-fil-A headquarters.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God's timing

We received our container today. Praise the Lord!!

The Lord has provided this container after much prayer.  We weren't sure how God wanted us to ship our things to Haiti.  Now it is up to Him to provide a way of getting it to Haiti and through customs.  That seems like a huge task but God will provide.  He has gotten us this far, what a blessing!

God has also provided renters for both of our houses.   We give God all the Glory!  

Sometimes, really most of the time, it is hard to just obey.  We procrastinate and say its too hard but God has called us to Haiti and He will get us there.  We just have to be patient and trust in his timing!

We still have lots to do before we get to Haiti but God is in control!

We are having a Chick-fil-A Spirit Night on Monday June 4th from 5-8pm.  15% of your total goes to us if you tell them its for the Spirit Night, even the drive thru.

The kids participated in an archery tournament

They had loads of fun playing also.
We visited friends in Charleston and spoke to a few new people about our ministry in Haiti.


We all helped at the Habitat Build with our church.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

God has perfect timing!

These past few weeks have been a combination of amazing and chaotic all at the same time.  The Lord is definitely working in our lives.  Truthfully this is really scary.  The scary moments that overtake me are coming more frequently and the times that I see God in control are too far in between.

We have no doubt that God has called us to be in Haiti full-time and we are okay with that, its all the details that I have problems not worrying about.  We are praying that we will return in July full-time but it is already May and still so much is to be done.

Then my mind starts gravitating to thoughts of "what are we thinking?" and "there is no way I am going to be happy living in Haiti, what about the comforts I am used to" (hot water, air conditioning, Wal-mart and Ingles just down the road).

Part of my bible study lesson this week is about anticipating the voice of God.  As Christians we are to anticipate hearing from God.  Honestly most of my prayer/quiet time is spent voicing my concerns, complaints, and all the stuff "I'm" not happy with.  I hardly ever take the time to just sit quietly and wait for God to answer.  So of course God has convicted me once again, and most likely it won't be the last, about trusting and having faith in Him.  Do I truly have faith that God will do what He says He will do?

When I really sit, quietly, and think about that question the answer is no.  I still think that I have to do things on my own.  Again, God askes why not?  Do you still not think I love you enough and care about you enough that I will handle all the details of your life.  I just need to let Him and say "I believe, but help my unbelief".  (Matthew 6:25-34- about not worrying)

The only thing God is telling us to do right now is to obey.  What we feel God want's us to do is just let people know about what He has called us to do, then He will work on their hearts.  We need monthly supporters, that's the bottom line.  We won't get them unless we give people the chance to be a part of the amazing things God is doing in Haiti.  Please consider being a part of our ministry.

We have had great and wonderful praises this week.  First we gained 10% in our monthly support, then God brought an awesome couple to us to rent our house.  Praise the Lord!!

Our prayer for this month is that we can contact or meet with those that have told us they want to support us and /or have made one time donations in the past, and see if we can count on them for monthly support.  We know God can raise our monthly support by 20%.

                                                Rented our house
                                                Gained 10% monthly support in April
                                                Got our Haiti car papers
                                                We have 88 monthly supporters
                                                We are 45% monthly support coming in

                        Individuals to partner with us monthly
                                               To gain 20% monthly support in May
                                               To get residency visa's
                                               40 ft insulated trailer to ship supplies and furniture to Haiti
                                               Pickup, utv or atv to ship to Haiti
                                               Tow behind lift for high electrical work and other maintence

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Great Welcome Back

    We got back to NC a 2 weeks ago.  We have and still are being welcomed back by so many of our friends and family.
     We have to say it is good to be back in the states but Haiti is our home now.  God has given us such a passion for reclaiming Haiti for Christ that it was hard to leave.  We were able to be a part of three conferences, these were the first since the earthquake 2 yrs ago.
    The most frequently asked question is when are we going back.  The answer to that is totally up to when we have our monthly support, close to 100%.  It feels like we have hundreds of people praying for someone else to support us not realizing they are the ones who know us.  It's rare to be supported by people who don't know us. We have some giving $5 up to $300 a month, this all add's up. We are at 33% of our monthly support coming in now, this is helping us to be able to purchase tools, furnishings supplies and other items and have them shipped to Haiti.
     Moving from this blessed country to a fifth world country, the poorest in the western hemisphere, is not a easy thing to do or  commit our lives to help and share Christ love with these people and give up the comforts of our home. No play land at chick-fil-a or playground for the kids at all.  
     We are back to give others an opportunity to partner with us help train 3000 pastors and leaders in Haiti each year so they can reach even more Haitians than we could. Providing this compound and conference center is a blessing among the other ministries we are doing there.
    The only thing holding us back from moving to Haiti full time is our support.  We need people to partner with us monthly!  We don't want to put a limit on God but we are praying that He will have us returning in July full time.
    Please be in pray for us.  We are in such a blur.  In the last week have spoken in 2 Bible Fellowship Groups and spoken to all 3 Awana groups and an evening service.  Praise the Lord!   But in addition to this we have been trying to get receipts from the last three months turned in, thank you notes written, and other paperwork done.
We are in a limbo mode right now, partly here, and partly there, just trying to find where I packed the socks is overwhelming.

Nicky speaking at the evening service at First Baptist Hendersonville.  

These soccer balls with the wordless story on them are a great sharing tool with the Haitians.  Most of them can't read but when they play with this ball they will remember that Jesus loves them.

    Pastor Ryan spoke about serving like Jesus.  What an encouragement we got.  We don't always know why or what God is doing exactly but we know the ultimate goal and the reason for what we are doing.  We just have to be faithful on this long journey.
   We thank ya'll for your continued prayers and support.  We would not be able to obey God's call if it weren't for people like you.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We flew into Miami  last Wednesday. Got to speak to 70 or so youth at Turning Point at Calvary in St Augustine FL Sunday morning, sharing what missionaries actually do on the mission field, its not all preaching and Bible studying like many people think, especially kids. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians, medical, computer fixers, well drillers,  photographers, engineers, cooks, etc....all gifts are needed.  Many people don't realize they can be a blessing to share God's love. With out these people the preachers and ministers can't live and disciple and share God's love. Here at Global Outreach Haiti Mission all these talents are needed, but most of the time the few of us have to do the best we can because we don't have these talents. Teams come and will have their gifts God has given each one and help us in these areas and we wish we could keep there passports so they would have to stay. We enjoy sharing with youth and children what missionaries are doing and that they too can be one here in the USA and over seas also, where ever God calls them.

These are a few pictures of whats going on in Haiti now, many UN bases all around Haiti

One of the buildings on Delmas, the main street in Port au Prince, still not removed

         A new building being built back in the city. Around 3 million living in or close to Port au Prince

                         Hope for Tomorrow!
 12 years ago the Espwa Pou Demen (Hope for Tomorrow) flannelgraph ministry was started by a missionary couple at Global.  Started by Eileen, asking her Haitian housekeeper if she wanted to help with the flannelgraph ministry.  Today that flannelgraph ministry is being run by the same Haitian lady and includes many more leaders who are taking this ministry all over Haiti. She put together a 2 day conference for 162 leaders from all over Haiti (February 24-25). What a success, a house keeper leading this ministry without the help of Americans. Sure they still send down flannel kits and help fund training conferences every 2 years. PTL!!! This is what its about Discipling Haitians.

One of the teachers leading 100 kids that don't go to church at a Saturday program (these kids get a meal at this program)

                                     This is a craft the leaders learned at the conference

                                              Look at these happy faces making flowers

                                                         These Haitians love the kids

This was the first time some of these leaders had traced their hands and used scissors before

                                            Our outdoor chapel holds close to 400 people

We safely got back to South Carolina
We got our visa's started
Had a great flannel graph conference Friday-Saturday
We have 30% monthly support coming in
We prayed over our van on the way to SC and it hasn't had a oil problem since

Prayer requests
Need to find a insulated 18 wheeler trailer in good shape to ship our home good's, furniture, appliances, tools, etc.... to Haiti and to use for secure storage in Haiti
For individuals to partner with us monthly in prayer and support
For our van to continue running well