Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Crusade Time

                                                CRUSADE TIME

We have an evangelist here for 2 weeks doing crusades and preaching multiple times a day in different tent cities and churches.  This week Nicky has been working hard working his normal duties on the compound and having the crusade in the evening wearing him out, but to see over 200 who came to Christ the first week, we keep pressing on.

We have stopped our well drilling and things that might pull our focus and prayers from the crusade, so we can spread God's word, as we have been working the ground before the evangelist got here in tent cities where we drilled wells.

The kids have got into a routine with home school now, and that is a blessing. We have seen 3 families in the past 2 months who have left Haiti to get their kids schooling back on track as the mission field especially in Haiti draws the parents to compromise on family priorities and get burned out and kids schooling get behind.

 I want to run this race as a marathon and not sprint ahead and loose focus of what our main goal is in raising our kids. God has allowed it to take 12 years for us to get to Haiti, full time, and in that has shown us how we need to have the prayer support and finical support to not be so over whelmed by many things pulling us away from ministry.

It is a full time job raising support to do ministry on the field as no one passes the plate for most missionaries each week, its many individuals giving to allow us to do our part in making disciples here. It would be a blessing to have individuals to help us get our support up to 100% by sharing us with others, doing a fund raiser each year, yard sale, car wash, walks for water, water grants, these all add up to Kingdom building and souls saved here, we can only drill wells when we have the funds to do it as is with all our ministries. Please pray and ask God how you may help with this. If your reading this you are probably already doing this because your invested in our lives and ministry. MANY TIMES IT FEELS AS IF WE HAVE HUNDREDS PRAYING FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO HELP US.

We thank you all for your prayers and support!

 This a link to a video of our crusade ( a 40 second clip)

Xander holding a boy at the crusade

Kristie and Ellie holding kids, Ellie has a big audience

                                    Look who else is reaching out to people, but they don't have the truth! Have you shared Christ's love with someone today?  Others are out there sharing love but it doesn't lead to Heaven! This is a tarp on a tent by one of the wells we drilled 2 weeks ago.

This is at a Croatian orphanage where we drilled a well, they had 3 hand dug wells with the water in them at the surface of the ground, also 3 septic systems right by the wells like in the picture behind here polluting the wells, resulting in many sick.

This is becoming Xander and his Haitian friends past time when they have free time. Chicken hunting, (they catch them alive) this chicken went to one of our workers. We have a flock of chickens running around on the compound that will not leave so the kids are slowly helping out, but they multiply quickly, at least our workers are enjoying feeding their families with them.

Safety and health
Had a great turn out for our crusade and 147 came to Christ in the tent cities where we drilled 2 wells 2 weeks ago
After 4 months we got a chance to get away as a family for 2 nights at a beach 1 hr away

That we keep our family close and time with our kids
Health and safety
For a towable boom lift to do high work
For our support as it has fallen since we came to Haiti
For reliable affordable internet

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Drilling for clean water

   We have had a busy few weeks with teams and drilling. For two weeks we had a three men here to change an engine on a well machine.  Nicky helped them change it and make other needed repairs. They hadn't planned on drilling but finished the repairs on the rig sooner than planned.

 Well drilling for clean water is a big need here in Haiti.  The list for those that want a well is long but having people to drill the wells and funding is the problem.  This was such a blessing for these guys to be here.   They spent time with Nicky showing him how to run the machine, about the formations and problems that could happen and thankfully they had problems for him to learn by while they were here.
    It's great to have a rotary machine to drill with (this machine is faster) along with our cable tool machine (our Haitian crew drills with). In a near by tent city both machines had drilled dry holes, these people were having to walk at least 2 miles either way to get water. Most of the land tent cities occupy are open land on the sides of the mountains with no wells anywhere.

Nicky tried a 4th well in between the dry holes and hit good water for the community.
Two of the wells are located in a tent city where a crusade will take place starting
Sunday.  As we gave them clean water now we can share with them the living water.  Please pray for the ground to be prepared as the seeds are sown over the next two weeks as an evangelist comes to share the gospel.

We have an evangelist here doing a week long crusade near on of the recent wells.
For good internet
For our visas
Towable boom lift

Nicky started drilling wells after a well driller spent 2 weeks with Nicky teaching him to use a rotary machine they are allowing him to use
Kids are settling into a good routine in school as Kristie teaches them

Praise God for water! Lots of water being sprayed out of this hole.

Hit good water!

Cleaning a well with the air compressor to get the mud and cuttings out!

A base being poured on a new well!