Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to our blog

Hi, we are Nicky and Kristie Runk we have two children Xander – 6 and Ellie – 5.  God has called us to go into full time missions in Haiti with Global Outreach.  They are in urgent need of a mechanic/maintenance person. Through circumstances that God has allowed we both have found ourselves without jobs that we would not have left on our own.  We always knew we would end up in Haiti, just didn’t know it would be this soon. Through lots of prayer, fasting, and the willingness to follow Gods direction and be servants for Christ, we feel the Lord is opening up doors and pushing us through them and closing other doors. We feel that we have been so very  blessed here in the US that we can’t complain about God wanting us to go Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere.
Nicky has a degree in welding and his general contractor’s license.  He grew up working and fixing farm equipment and other vehicles.  Since his first trip to Haiti in February 2001 he has developed a passion for working with the Haitian people to provide them with life giving skills as well as Gods truth. This trip was so exciting we both came down 2 months later to build a farm house for the Revis’s. Then in 2002 we came for 3 months and stayed 3 of those weeks at global outreach but didn’t get to serve there.
            Kristie is a licensed Dental Hygienist working part time for the past 14 yrs. Kristie is eager to be a servant for the Lord even if it means giving up some of the comforts we are so blessed to have here in America but take them for granted.  She will home school the kids when we get to Haiti. I always thought that Haiti is such a beautiful place.