Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conference week

Our youth conference went really well this week.  We had close to 200 youth from around the country come for a five day conference.  Besides the awesome worship times, learning to share God's word with others, they had they enjoyed playing games in the afternoons (bumpers, relay races, and shooting water balloons in a sling shot).

Some of the games they were having the conference.  The leaders were trying to keep the kids from geting the towel that was on the ground in the middle of them.

Ellie holding a little girl at the Saturday morning Bible school.  They use a flannel graph to teach the kids.

Xander picking up trash around the compound getting ready for the conference.

All the kids.  We really need to get us one of these.  This is a Polaris Ranger, a necessity getting around the compound.

Getting the homemade light poles up at the basketball court
The big light on the back was made at the GE plant in Henderesonville NC plant where Kristies parents work.
We are praying the may donate some lights like these to help light up the compound. This light was made in 1999.
These poles are 32 feet tall.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our conference that starts Friday, the 24th, this is going to teach and encourage those who do the flannel graph ministry.
Friday morning we go for our Visa appointment, pray it goes well.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

                 Helping to reclaim Haiti to Christ                 
                Your support is leading haitian people to Christ thru these ministries.

So much work to do on the conference center to get it cleaned and repaired for our youth conference.

Xander helping Nicky clean the compressors on the 7 refrigerators and freezers in our volunteer quarters. They get so hot in the heat here when not cleaned and burn up the compressors with all the dust here.

The addition on our burn clinic finished last summer needed a security light to light it up at night.

Xander helps Nicky after school starting at 1 o'clock.

Nicky's laying out lines for new septic lines at the house North Carolina Baptist Men are renting. 2 of these will be hand dug 3' wide 5' deep and 5' wide by 100' long. Also 4 feet of rock will be picked up and placed under and around the lines then covered back up. This gives work to our workers for a few weeks. Lots of hard work to keep this place in good shape for these ministries

Nicky's cutting trees off the fence and fixing a problem area close to NCBM house.
Unfortunately a chainsaw died doing this, the heat and dirt here are hard on equipment and most have  to be shipped in to replace broken ones.

We have over 25 pole mounted security lights and many more wall mounted lights for lighting up the compound to keep it safer at night. These poles are old and scary to lean a ladder up on to change bulbs, starters and the whole light. Nicky's praying we can get a tow behind lift that will reach safely these lights for replacement and for painting buildings, roof repair, trimming limbs, etc..... one fall and it will be too late.

                                          Not a job he enjoys but some one has to do it!

This is an example of a tow behind lift to safely replace lights, paint, and repair high roofs, that we are praying for.

This was the hanger we took down off the basket ball court and will put back up over our grease pit.

We cleaned out our cabinets in our Volunteers quarters to spray for bugs and check for the date on the food. Good time to clean between teams.

                                      Kristie and some of the ladies cleaning the kitchen out.

Saturday we got our drivers license after 45 days
We have a young couple Jon and Ashley Kling helping for 3 weeks

Prayer request
Pray we get a appointment for our residency visa's before Friday
Pray we get our car paper work this week
Pray for our youth conference starting Friday, our new youth leader started Feb1st This is new to the ministry