Friday, June 7, 2013

First hand miracle  

Praises:We serve a mighty God that is able to do anything!!!!
 Just Monday there was a little boy in the burn clinic that stopped 
breathing.  During the next hour of not breathing on his own Nicky was able to lay hands on him and pray as 4 nurses worked for 30 minutes while others on the compound prayed for him also.  He came back to life to where Nicky had to hold his legs as he was fighting them, and that's a good thing.  He had been coming for burn treatments, finished today's treatment and stopped breathing, alot of pain involved in scraping the wounds to keep scar tissue from building up. A real miracle from the Lord!

Later in the day a tool was lost while drilling 190' in a well the cable broke, the Haitian driller tried fishing for it for 1 hour, Nicky stopped everyone prayed and got it first try!!! God was busy Monday with us. Thank you supporters for your prayers and support allowing us to be used by God here in mighty ways!!!!!!!!!

    Prayer Requests:  
For a support team to help us with raising support                          For our family- it is hard balancing ministry, school, and family time                       
Our marriage- it can be really stressful
Two missionary families leaving this month- losing friends    
 and increased work loads   
For a tow-able boom lift

                      Catching you up on the last month

It has been weeks since we have blogged. We have been busier with fewer families here in the last 2 months. It was very nice to have 4 and 5 families here for a number of months as some new families were trying out our mission to see if it was a fit. We have been down to 2 families as one family retires leaving 2 families to run ministry's here and one on furlough. We knew this time would come but were enjoying have more families spreading the load out.

   We will try and keep our blog up as we get busier so you can know how to pray and be apart of our ministries. We also haven't had teams for a while but will start up in 2 weeks, every week to every other week. This has given us a great opportunity to get settled in and some more work done on our house. Maybe next year it will get finished painted, as when the day ends the heat has zapped the strength from us.

    North Carolina Baptist men who have been here since the earth quake are leaving the house they are in on our compound the end of the month. One family left Saturday and the other one leaves June 30th. It will be much lonelier here with out them here.

We have found a English speaking church 1 hour up the road at the beaches allowing us to meet other missionaries, making friends, and worshiping together in English.   We can't go every Sunday  but when we can, it has been a blessing.

So many of these thing we do daily most people wouldn't think a missionary would do but how else would the ministries keep running with out all the behind the scenes work keeping them going.

Hauling sand to the job where we are building a block wall around the compound, Xander and his friend inside are enjoying the big truck

Still cleaning up from the hurricane last summer, pulling up a stump

These men are building the trusses for the church we are building.   They are over built but building codes require it now.  We have 20 of the 60 made, it takes one day to make one.  Overseeing the welding is one of the jobs I have going and a painter painting these after they get done.

One of the geckos eating a roach on our house, yay for the geckos! 

This is the best tool ever. It is my service truck for the compound,  jobs close around, and to the well sites.

I had many friends come and help pressure wash the pool for 3 days and come to paint it, huge job but thankful for all the friend that helped out

Working on a generator from the 1980s, good Honda, it pays to have good equipment that will last for years

Xander making breakfast for us each Saturday and Sunday

Xander and Elisae fixing the lights on a old Isuzu we just overhauled

Nicky and Joel, our mechanic got married 2 weeks ago, he has got a great heart, and brought lots of people to the crusade this spring and 5 of them came to the Lord

We helped out at an orphanage a couple of weeks ago.