Wednesday, May 8, 2013

         A day (Monday) in our life here in Haiti

 Mondays you never know what they will bring. Flat tire on our army truck, take it off then send someone to the guy on the side of the street to repair it, much cheaper and quicker for him to fix it with these big split rims wheels.
By this time Kristie, Xander, & Ellie are ministering to the gran moun (old people) singing and worshiping with them and giving 62 of them provisions for a week. These are old people who don't have anyone to provide for them.
 Next off to the shop where we have 4 vehicles inside not working:

 The 1971 John Deere tractor, our main loader for all construction, loading well drilling supplies and material for pouring pump bases.  The oil pump broke and we have to replace it and the bearings on the crankshaft .

Then the white 1991 Isuzu trooper pouring oil out of the top of the engine so we took it apart to find the seals and gaskets need to be replaced.

The 1990's mule a dog chewed the wiring on it.

Glen takes the 1991 dodge transmission out, because it won't go in reverse, to find one of the forks in the transmission broken and have to replace the fork.

Not pictured a blue 1986 army pickup, military master, with a wheel cylinder broken and needs replaced, and a modulator valve that's not been hooked up since we swapped engines 2 years ago.

Beside that a giant yellow 1984 gmc power company truck we use for hauling well drilling supplies on well sites, it can be locked up and left on the drilling site, its valve cover gaskets are falling out and pouring oil out. ALL OF THESE HAVE BROKEN DOWN IN THE LAST WEEK.

 By this time Kristie and the kids are at the burn clinic giving the gran moun medicine for head aches, stomach, and other minor things. Then she's off to home school by 10 AM, make lunch and dinner.

I load our dump truck with sand to take to our guys building a wall by the main road, as they are hand digging footings for the wall.  Part of our guys are going to put a new pump on a base they poured Friday so more people in a tent city will have clean water.  Our guys share the gospel at each well site dedicating it to Christ and giving opportunity for people to receive Christ or planting seeds letting them know that God provided this water and well for them.

Then I get with Tim, who over sees the well machine I've been using, about some parts the big compressor needs.

 I find out someone has cut off our faucets where we give free running water everyday, these are beside the main road. One bad person ruins it for those really in need!  I get Joel our Haitian mechanic helper to come with me and I weld on a new coupler and get both faucets fixed so the next day the people and animals will have clean water again.  We are not going to let one rotten person spoil it for everyone.

Now its 4:30 pm and since its not rained in weeks I take the old fire truck up and help our workers water their gardens, and I get our kids pulling weeds in ours. 7 pm comes and its supper time, yay, by the way did I say i got up at 2:30 am this morning because I couldn't sleep, great time for a quiet time, then catch up on computer work till 5 when every one else gets up. Yep its another day in Haiti. I thank God I can serve him daily in what ever comes our way!

helping the guys water their gardens

this is a wreck 100' away from our water faucet at the deadly road

here's the mule, dodge with its transmission out, John Deere with oil pump out and need to replace the bottom end, The Isuzu we have the top of the engine off waiting on gaskets and 2 more outside also, they wouldn't fit inside

Kristie helping the gran moun in the clinic with medicine

first thing Monday morning flat tire

end of the day Xanders made him a bow and arrows out of sticks

Nicky working to weld on new faucet head, this is at the end of our property giving water to so many and the run off waters hundreds of animals that farmers bring down, this is the reason for the cattle guard around it

Glen working on the tractor, Xander likes helping out in the shop

Ellie and Siedle playing