Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Praise we got the rest of our stuff out of customs Tuesday!
We have had some busy weeks with teams back to back, one that led a pastors conference and bible school one week and a team last week that worked behind the scenes here fixing many things from computers to hydraulic cylinders on trucks, repaired wells and so on helping us get some much needed things done so our ministries keep going on the front line.  We also had a mechanic from another ministry stay a week before he went out for 2 weeks to another location helping us on some vehicle repair. Still have lots of that to do so come on down and help us if you can!
This is such a diverse ministry that we really need all talents that God has given everyone, from accounting to computers to mechanic to plumbing to electricians to well drillers to people just willing to help in between allowing us to share with others and to make disciples in this nation.  We finally got our computer we do news letters on fixed by this team and have one coming out soon. 

Prayer request
We have a week long youth conference in a week
We have a big crusade we are doing for 2 weeks early in March
Keep praying for us to find the right Internet
For our support to get to 100%  we are at 76%
For a tow able boom lift to safely do repair work and church building
To be able to finish our Visas
2 young men building a swing set for a church and school they support beside the dump just outside of Port a Prince where they scavenge thru the dump for plastic to sale, this will be a great blessing to those who have nothing!
This is a picture of the church our supporters are helping build!
This was the 80 pastors who finished a John Maxwell leadership conference

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crickets, fire, and language

No spell check or review of this so just read the best you can

We had 2 weeks our workers were off and this allowed us to get our porch screened in and fix up with stuff we brought in from the USA and build some counters, shelves for our office/ homeschool room and a table for the dinning room and most of those matelrials were donated PTL. We also had a 2 conferences during this weeks. Didnt seem much like hoilday time but we are thankful to have alot done as January is a busy month with back to back teams conferences, guest housing, well drilling,  church building and mantinece.

We just got a opportunity to take a language class at a compound close by which we thought we never would get the opportunity. It is from 1 to 5 every day for 5 weeks we believe. We spend 2 to 3 hours a day also reveiwing the class work. For anyone that knows Nicky he doesnt enjoy school and would rather be out fixing and working instead of this but is determined to learn the language to give the Lord more opportunity to serve him here. Kristie is doing great in the class like usual.

We had a big fire Sunday and wernt ready for it. We usuallyhave plowed a 30' fire break around our property but just hadnt done it yet this year. So Nicky got on the tractor and started plowing infront of the fire and the smoke was so bad u couldnt see him but he was determined to keep it from burning the compound the tractor have 5 plows behind it and after many trips. Back and forth with fire jumping up to 200 yards. The old fire truck that was donated helped put out the hot spots and keep another fire on the lower side of the property away. Chris Brumley run many loads keeping that fire away and then we put out the last of the hot spots and only lost 15 acres to the fire that burned over 1000 acres in a few hours. People burn off there farm plots and it gets out of control and some try to burn off the evil spirits also.

Also we have been inidated with so many crickets jumping into the house when we open the door. Its a daily chore cleaning up the crickets that have been smushed.

No picture this time as we have no internet that works right now and we used our phone for this.

Prayer request
Pray for us to learn much of the language in class and stay focused on it
Pray we get our UTV out of customs with a reduced rate
Pray we. Get good internet soon. Just none in the area.

We get to take this language class
No one or anything was damaged in the fire
Got alot of the house fixed up
Kids are doing good