Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Our Container To Florida

It has been an exhausting and exciting past few days.  Wednesday, October 24th we had a truck and crane come to SC to load up our container.  Then we finished packing the UTV on the trailer and headed out for our 2 week trip to Florida and Mississippi.  Our plan was to drive straight to Port of Palm,  Praise the Lord we only needed to make one stop to an auto parts store for needed repairs and parts (an exhaust leak and change a trailer tire).

Nicky decided we needed to drive all night to get there by 6AM.  We slept in the van for 1 1/2 hour before we had to meet up with our container to unload it at 8AM.  It took a couple of hours in line to get our paper work done. It was kind of scary leaving all of our possessions like this but we trust it's in God's hands. 

We stayed in south FL for a few days then headed to visit family in St Augustine for a couple of nights and going to Turning Point at Calvary church Sunday. 

We have been praying for ways for us to have fun family time while traveling and the Lord blessed us with friends who have given us free tickets to the Disney Parks for the day.  Xander and Ellie have never been and it has been 23 yrs since Nicky and I have been.  This is going to be a treat for the  kids to do something special as we drag them around constantly in this life we are living.

Please pray for our traveling schedule:

Tuesday head toward Mississippi
Missions Conference Thurs - Sat.
Sat. Headed back to Hendersonville for last Service at FBC Sunday
Go to SC Monday night
Go to last service at Northside in Laurens Wed. night
Pack for Haiti
Friday head to Atlanta so we can leave for Haiti Sat morning

This gives a few things to pray for! Thank you for being a part of what God is doing thru our family!
Packing in the last few things we can. not wasting a inch!!!!
screwing plywood on back to make sure nothing falls out
loading our container onto a tractor trailer. Was 480 lbs under
 what semi was allowed to carry. That was close.
We had some van trouble on the way down. We replaced a tire
and a exhaust donut gasket and got back on the way to Port of Palm
in Florida. Drove straight thru the night after leaving at 2 PM and got
there at 6AM along with our container on a semi to unload at 8 AM.

Xander unhooking the chains holding it on the trailer!

setting it off at the Port to be put on a ship soon

We have our container and trailer on its way to Haiti.
God has been opening doors left and right for us .
We have been healthy thru this as we have been running so much over the last 8 months.


For our travels as we leave FL going to Mississippi and have our missions conference the end of October thru first week of November the head to NC Saturday the 3rd then to SC the 5th and to Atlanta the 9th to fly out the 10th.
For our container and trailer to be sent quickly to Haiti and for us to be able to get them out of customs quickly and cheaply and back to our compound to set up our house. We will be in a apartment until this happens.
For our support to be 100% as we leave. We are at 73% right now!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Praises:  Ellie accepted Christ Sept. 6th
              We bought our plane tickets to move to Haiti (Nov. 10th)

Prayer Requests:  For our family (This is a very stressful time)
                             For the Lord to send the right trucker, shipper and receiver for our container
                             For the Lord to provide us with a towable boom lift 50'                                        Pray for us to get the right crane to lift the container onto the right truck to take it to the right port to have the right receiver to get it thru customs and to our property in Haiti and a crane to unload it on our compound. Also we have a trailer and a UTV we are sending and have to get thru customs.

I never thought the day would come when we actually had a date to move to Haiti.  Well now we have it and I am overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and all those other emotions us women get.

We are leaving on November 10th.  That is just a little over a month away.  (THAT IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY!!!!)  Please pray for my sanity.  The Lord knows this is the right time, but I have been praying for this for a long time and now that it is here I am praying for more time.  There is so much to be done on our end, mainly getting all the things we will need to take with us on the plane.
We speak in Danville KY next Wed night. So we have about 10 days to get everything done before we leave to take stuff to Florida, then we go to Mississippi for our missions conference and back to Hendersonville Nov 4th then to SC and gone to Atlanta the 9th.

We will shut the doors on the container Thursday the Oct 11th.  At first we thought how are we going to fill this thing up now we are praying for wisdom on deciding what to squeeze in there.  It filled up faster than we thought.  Nicky has spent hours packing the container trying to use every square inch.  Like a big puzzle it is exhausting.

Thank everyone for your prayers and support.  We couldn't do any of this without it.  People praying for us is what is helping and encouraging us make it through the day.