Friday, April 19, 2013



Well we ended our 2 week crusade and 371 people came forward to accept Christ and receive discipling in the future.  This was very exciting to do right before Easter in these tent cities.  One new village doesn't have a church with in 3 miles of it in any direction and if they can get land we would like to build a church there as they need one where they can walk to it since no one has cars. There were 16 in this village that received Christ.

We are still working on our local church here in Titanyen and hope it maybe close to being done around the end of the year, as it is a very large church.  The old church sanctuary holds 1000 people and is over flowing every sunday, this building and others on the property will be turned into a seminary to train up new pastors in Haiti, which is very exciting and very needed!

I spent a few weeks doing maintence on the well machine that I have been able to use. Last week I started back drilling to find water at the new church. I drilled one hole just 50 feet away from a well that gets pumped 24 hours a day by hand and hit no water (295') deep.  Wow thought for sure we would hit some. I started a new hole Monday and haven't hit water yet, you can be so close but not in the water. Please keep praying for safety, wisdom and God's discernment on where to drill. (We hit water at 250' Wednesday!!!! This will bless our church, seminary, and 3 different schools on the property!!!)

Kristie and the kids caught a caterpillar last week and fed it until it made a cocoon then about 14 days later they watched it hatch out, they are learning so much being home schooled here in Haiti, and learning how to pray and watching God answer the prayers in different ways.

It is starting to get hotter, seems the house is around 96 degrees inside each evening, it wipes you out, and I drink about a gallon of Gatorade a day working in this.  We are so blessed to have cold water and Gatorade to drink daily as most of this country has to work so hard just to get a drink of water from a well some where.

Ellie's been having a hard time reading from a distance of 5' or more (we knew that she would need glasses in the future but the need came sooner than expected) and I knew we needed to take care of this, we prayed and went to a church close to where we thought an eye doctor lives and he was the leader of the church!  PTL!  We took the 1 hour trip back up the road to see him the next day and got Ellie's exam at their mission and glasses also.  So thankful for New Vision ministries help for Ellie.

Photo: Yes after a hot day of drilling I come home and its 96 in the house already. Hope this warms yall up back in the states!
Its only April and its already 96 in the house!

Photo: Ellie getting eye exam. Couldn't get power to work, so he had to put a box under her to raise her up. Blessed to get her some glasses so she can see better!
Ellie getting a eye exam one hour up the road by a mission who is a eye doctor as shes having trouble reading from a distance. Couldn't get the power to work in the building so he put a box under her so she would be tall enough for the exam

Photo: Ellie in her new glasses!
Ellie's first set of glasses! Thanks to New Vision ministries

Our workers have planted acres of garden but it hasn't rained in a while and over 100 every day, the kids are helping them carry water to water some of the plants to keep them alive

Xander's a big help in getting the well machinery repaired and ready for Nicky to drill

Photo: This was yesterday in TiTanyen behind a church. The first 3 attempts here were all dry holes........but this one........was a SWEET one......good water from the Lord! That is Nicky with Runk Mission Haiti with Global Outreach.

Nicky drilled for 3 days before they finally hit good water.   They were drilling behind one of our schools, right beside a well that had could not be repaired

Getting ready to start drilling on the other side of TiTanyen.

  • For our safety and health
  • For our visa's
  • For a tow-able boom lift
  • For our declining support
  • That we keep taking time to learn Creole


Great crusade with 371 saved
We got Ellie glasses here in the country for free