Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We started fundraising the end of June.  This has been keeping us super busy, along with canning and freezing the veggies from our garden, homeschooling, and trying to keep our vehicles running.

Our Sunday mornings are spent speaking.  We have been able to speak at some of the Bible fellowship classes at First Baptist Hendersonville.  This past Sunday we spoke at two Methodist churches, one at 9:30 and the other at 11:00.  Then on Sunday evening we were, unexpectedly asked to speak at King's Grove Baptist. This Sunday morning we will speak at Northside Baptist in Laurens, SC.
 What a blessing!

Monday night we were speaking at another group at First Baptist, in the middle of showing our pictures the power went out.  Satan certainly isn't happy with us speaking.

Most of our support comes from individuals giving monthly, not churches.  We are beginning to make appointments to share with individuals the vision God has given us.
Breaking beans.

Our car situation hasn't changed since the last time we wrote.  We have put time and money into it, now realizing it is beyond repair.  It has been an awesome car.  We got it when we came back from Haiti in 2002, it was used then.  We have gotten 225,000 good miles out of it.  I loved that car. Today Nicky is taking it to a scrap yard.  It is really sad, but we are stepping out in faith that God will provide another.  Right now we are relying on the 15 passenger van we bought from our church a couple of years ago, it was broke down when we bought it then.  Not sure what the Lord has in store for us but we are learning to rely on Him daily.

Ellie's first deer with a bow. (It was just a 3-D target)

God is stretching us in so many ways.  We are relying on the Lord for everything, I mean everything.  This has been really tough since we are used to providing for ourselves through our jobs and hard work.  We know God has called us and He will provide the means and the way through individuals like you.  I want to thank those who have been giving since last year and those who have started this year.  Your support will allow us to buy supplies, tools, items we need to ship to Haiti. We will need to purchase (we are praying that someone will donate one) an 18 wheeler container to ship furniture and supplies in and to store supplies in at the compound.  We have to get a vehicle in Haiti.  We are anxious to return, the need is so great,  but we will not be able to go back to Haiti until we have 100% of our monthly support coming in for at least 2 months to allow us to go and stay in Haiti. We are at 15% on monthly support and 10% inital move down cost.  Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support.