Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas Celebration!

We have had another big week working to get our container off the chassis and where it will be our storage place for many years. Friday I called a crane service and found the best price and did, a friend had recommended them. I had to go pay them Friday before they would come Monday. Nicky spent from 11 am till 4 pm looking for the business and never found it and called for directions and no one would ever answer. Called them Sunday and they said they would send it and we could write a check. The crane got there by 10:30 and a semi truck came to move it into place, when the trailer they were hauling unhooked to hook up ours the trailer collapsed to the ground. They moved our container into place and the big crane was scared to lift the empty container off the chassis, the cranes winch wasn't working right. So I called the company and told the the driver wouldn't lift it off he told them to come back and get another crane and be come back, they didn't make it back. Mean while the container that fell the owners worked all day trying to jack it up to put it on the truck but never could. Crane came back Tuesday and lifted ours off and slowly into place and the semi pulled the chassis out of the way and parked the truck on a hill and walked away. I went to show them where to park the chassis and the tractor and chassis start rolling away fast but no ones in it so I run and jump in it and found the brake and got it stopped. Equipment is wore out in the USA then shipped to Haiti instead of being sold for scrap metal evidently. We then set 20 24' trusses on the church we are helping the community to build. It was the same price to rent the crane for 1 hour or all day.
We've spent a lot of the rest of the week putting stuff together and sorting out what goes where and loading extra into the container for storage and getting tools straightened out in the shop.

We got a call Thursday that customs is charging almost 100% for our UTV and trailer. We can't pay that kind of money and wont. We are asking everyone to pray God will move and reduce this to a acceptable amount so we can use these tools for work on the compound and well ministry as Nicky's work vehicle.

Saturday morning Nicky lifted the doors for the youth worship building, huge metal doors. We have our first activities Christmas eve from 2pm till 6 AM Christmas day with a big meal at midnight and the youth dress up for that. Exciting for them to have this place to be blessed and hear the Gospel at. These youth are from the local churches. The youth program is called Camp Barnabas here at Global Outreach Haiti.
The kids like hanging on Nicky
The kids handing out gift back packs full of goodies
Trusses we set at our church in TiTanyen 1/2 mile away from the compound
Our youth leaders helping move the big doors to lift them up

Nicky lifting the doors into place


Pray that God would move and drasticaly reduce the price to get our UTV out of customs
For the youth Christmas celebration Christmas eve
For a towable boom lift to be donated


Our container is in place and loaded with our extra items for the future
We are getting our house in ourder slowly (painting and screening the porch and puting stuff where it goes
Getting to use our donated tools has made nickys work alot quicker and easier. THANKS

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Container arrived

We have been so blessed by all the prayers that have helped to get our container out of customs in record time. It was all God, it was only in customs for 11 days, a friend of ours has one thats been in customs since July. We are still praying for our UTV and trailer to get out of customs.

We are having trouble with getting internet that will work here. We are using our phone for most of what we do here. Pray we find the right company  as they all promise their company will work where we live.
 Our church in TiTanyen Sunday school teachers came over yesterday for a get together and boy could they sing so beautifully. Our schools are running well and thru our child sponsorship program alot of the kids are sponsored thanks to Becky Ivy in KY who takes care of this from home. Wow how much difference one person can make here even from the states.


Our container arrived

The next day we unloaded it all!

A team from KY helped Nicky paint the shops.

This is upside down but The Mennonites from down the street cam and sang us Christmas Carole's, what a blessing!


                             Prayer request

Pray for our UTV and trailer to get out of customs
Pray we can get our visas finished
Pray for our internet that we find the right company to provide it
Pray for our youth Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve from 6PM till 6AM


Our container arrive after 10 days of work at customs
Have had 2 great teams in the last month get alot of behind the scenes work done
Kids are keeping bug spray on better
Got 2 generators running and our crane truck working thanks to a electrician from Nashville



Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being Here!

We have been here for 3 weeks now and I have to praise God for us being here.  We feel an awesome peace about being here, like God has been preparing us for our new home.  All of us are settling in really well.  Nicky goes to work at 7am and comes home for lunch.  The kids and I are getting back into our routines of school and chores.  The adjustment to the heat isn't as bad as I thought it would be,  we have been blessed with mid to upper 80's the last few days.

Please pray for the kids as they are passing some kind of cold/cough/fever back and forth (Ellie one day then Xander the next).  This has been going on for a little over a week.

We have been painting the last few days hoping to get it done before our container gets here.  We hear that it has made it to St. Marc, (although the company we shipped it through can't say if it is here or not), so now the waiting really begins to see how long it will take to get out of customs.  We have given all to the Lord, because he could have it out tomorrow of it is his will.  The other missionaries here had our home all set up so we could move in.  It has been great being "HOME".

Bathroom before....

and after ( this actually a pale sunny yellow)

Poor Ellie had about 50 bug bites at one time.
Today at lunch Nicky told me that a woman at the gate was trying to give her little, maybe newborn, baby to them.). Could you imagine the hopelessness you would have to feel to give up your baby?
 We actually found out later that this woman's daughter died in childbirth, so she is taking care of all her other kids too.


Pray for our container, UTV and trailer clear customs soon and as cheaply as they can
Pray for us to have wisdom in every decision we make
Pray for our kids safety and health
Pray for a towable boom lift to make much of Nickys work quicker and safer