Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Great Welcome Back

    We got back to NC a 2 weeks ago.  We have and still are being welcomed back by so many of our friends and family.
     We have to say it is good to be back in the states but Haiti is our home now.  God has given us such a passion for reclaiming Haiti for Christ that it was hard to leave.  We were able to be a part of three conferences, these were the first since the earthquake 2 yrs ago.
    The most frequently asked question is when are we going back.  The answer to that is totally up to when we have our monthly support, close to 100%.  It feels like we have hundreds of people praying for someone else to support us not realizing they are the ones who know us.  It's rare to be supported by people who don't know us. We have some giving $5 up to $300 a month, this all add's up. We are at 33% of our monthly support coming in now, this is helping us to be able to purchase tools, furnishings supplies and other items and have them shipped to Haiti.
     Moving from this blessed country to a fifth world country, the poorest in the western hemisphere, is not a easy thing to do or  commit our lives to help and share Christ love with these people and give up the comforts of our home. No play land at chick-fil-a or playground for the kids at all.  
     We are back to give others an opportunity to partner with us help train 3000 pastors and leaders in Haiti each year so they can reach even more Haitians than we could. Providing this compound and conference center is a blessing among the other ministries we are doing there.
    The only thing holding us back from moving to Haiti full time is our support.  We need people to partner with us monthly!  We don't want to put a limit on God but we are praying that He will have us returning in July full time.
    Please be in pray for us.  We are in such a blur.  In the last week have spoken in 2 Bible Fellowship Groups and spoken to all 3 Awana groups and an evening service.  Praise the Lord!   But in addition to this we have been trying to get receipts from the last three months turned in, thank you notes written, and other paperwork done.
We are in a limbo mode right now, partly here, and partly there, just trying to find where I packed the socks is overwhelming.

Nicky speaking at the evening service at First Baptist Hendersonville.  

These soccer balls with the wordless story on them are a great sharing tool with the Haitians.  Most of them can't read but when they play with this ball they will remember that Jesus loves them.

    Pastor Ryan spoke about serving like Jesus.  What an encouragement we got.  We don't always know why or what God is doing exactly but we know the ultimate goal and the reason for what we are doing.  We just have to be faithful on this long journey.
   We thank ya'll for your continued prayers and support.  We would not be able to obey God's call if it weren't for people like you.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We flew into Miami  last Wednesday. Got to speak to 70 or so youth at Turning Point at Calvary in St Augustine FL Sunday morning, sharing what missionaries actually do on the mission field, its not all preaching and Bible studying like many people think, especially kids. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians, medical, computer fixers, well drillers,  photographers, engineers, cooks, etc....all gifts are needed.  Many people don't realize they can be a blessing to share God's love. With out these people the preachers and ministers can't live and disciple and share God's love. Here at Global Outreach Haiti Mission all these talents are needed, but most of the time the few of us have to do the best we can because we don't have these talents. Teams come and will have their gifts God has given each one and help us in these areas and we wish we could keep there passports so they would have to stay. We enjoy sharing with youth and children what missionaries are doing and that they too can be one here in the USA and over seas also, where ever God calls them.

These are a few pictures of whats going on in Haiti now, many UN bases all around Haiti

One of the buildings on Delmas, the main street in Port au Prince, still not removed

         A new building being built back in the city. Around 3 million living in or close to Port au Prince

                         Hope for Tomorrow!
 12 years ago the Espwa Pou Demen (Hope for Tomorrow) flannelgraph ministry was started by a missionary couple at Global.  Started by Eileen, asking her Haitian housekeeper if she wanted to help with the flannelgraph ministry.  Today that flannelgraph ministry is being run by the same Haitian lady and includes many more leaders who are taking this ministry all over Haiti. She put together a 2 day conference for 162 leaders from all over Haiti (February 24-25). What a success, a house keeper leading this ministry without the help of Americans. Sure they still send down flannel kits and help fund training conferences every 2 years. PTL!!! This is what its about Discipling Haitians.

One of the teachers leading 100 kids that don't go to church at a Saturday program (these kids get a meal at this program)

                                     This is a craft the leaders learned at the conference

                                              Look at these happy faces making flowers

                                                         These Haitians love the kids

This was the first time some of these leaders had traced their hands and used scissors before

                                            Our outdoor chapel holds close to 400 people

We safely got back to South Carolina
We got our visa's started
Had a great flannel graph conference Friday-Saturday
We have 30% monthly support coming in
We prayed over our van on the way to SC and it hasn't had a oil problem since

Prayer requests
Need to find a insulated 18 wheeler trailer in good shape to ship our home good's, furniture, appliances, tools, etc.... to Haiti and to use for secure storage in Haiti
For individuals to partner with us monthly in prayer and support
For our van to continue running well