Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Praises:  we are all much better!  Stomach virus went around the family for about 3 weeks
Nicky took me out for my 39th birthday-  we got to have a date!
It has been a little cooler these past few days- only mid 90's

Prayers:  Nicky has been working really hard getting the very large gates up- continue to pray for safety and strength as he works out in the hot sun

Wisdom and guidance for me as I homeschool.  I truly enjoy it but somedays are exhausting, especially with teams here to take care of.

The kids will never forget this communion a few Sundays ago at church!  We went to one of our local churches that Dave Heady was preaching at.  This isn't out of the ordinary since a team is here.

At the end of the service we participated in communion which the kids have done before but this time as they picked up the "grape juice" I could see both kids bring the liquid to their noses and then an expression I have seen many times came across their faces.

But neither commented or protested.  At the appointed time we all drank the juice.  I am actually proud of my kids for their reactions, they both made the face of disgust but they didn't verbalize or make any comment that proved their dislike.  Luckily we were seated behind the pulpit so the congregation could not see us entirely.

Ellie was sitting beside me.  Very discretely she leaned over to me and said "what was that stuff."  I informed her that that was wine.  In turn she matter of factly said "Now I know wine tastes nasty!"

A team member was really brave.

My Birthday date!

Setting up the gates

Our new member of the family.  She was intended to be a shop cat , to catch mice and rats, but I don't think the kids are going to part with her. And at the point I have seen rats bigger than she is.

A rare night that the wind died down enough to make a little fire and we made s'mores.