Monday, January 24, 2011

Now why can't I get Xander to work like this for me!

When the team first arrived on Saturday night Xander was helping them with their luggage and showing them where they were staying.  So the next day all he wanted to do was work with team.  They were building walls around our fuel tank for the generator house.  We finally got the tank set in place a couple of days before the team arrived.

Xander and Ellie were both jumping right in and helping the team.  The team was so excited about them helping and just fell in love with them.

Nicky and a couple of the team members set out to work on fixing the leaks on the tanker.  Global bought a huge fuel tanker so they are able to store more gas and diesel.  You wouldn't believe how much fuel it takes to run such a large ministry.

This is the generator house.  It houses several different sizes of generators.  One of the biggest jobs Nicky has is servicing the generators.  We don't run all of them at the same time.  The generators that are being used changes every 5 days.  This ucoming week there is a team of 5 that are going to help us switch out to a new bigger generator.  This should help conserve some fuel not having so many smaller ones running.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pics of our trip up the Mtn.

Working at the shop. ( Marc and John)

Xander loves to wear Nicky's welding helmet.

A recently drilled well.  It wasn't pumping out clean water.  Xander and John checking it out.

These are some pics of our trip on Saturday, up the mtn.

The crew. We had a great time

This was the huge tree I was blogging about yesterday.  As we were walking to this tree, we turned around and most of the Haitians had followed us to see what we were doing.  They were probablly thinking "what are these crazy white people doing".

This is where the people were doing laundry and bathing.

Our lunch spot under the bridge.

Nicky and Marc got to go to the Franklin Graham crusade in Port.  These are some of the pics they took.

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