Monday, January 20, 2014


A quick blog, Kristie is teaching the girls how to bake.

We are praying before drilling a new well in a new village for clean water. There is not a clean well for miles of this place.  They have to walk to our compound or buy water to get it.  Pray we hit good water , as we are drilling close to 2 dry holes we drilled here last year. 
By the time I posted this we broke the cable and the drill was left in the hole, but  we were able to retrieve it and we will try again as soon as I get caught up. 

We are starting a new church building in the mountains this week, in a village that's the voodoo capital in the area.  Satan will be and is fighting us hard in this place, dedicated to satan, as we build this place of worship. This is our local church that has bought the land and planting this church, so glad to see the church growing here! Keep praying hard for us in this, he won't give up easy. 

Took this picture as I dumped the 3rd load of materials just before dark Thursday, don't like driving down the mountain after dark, but sometimes we run out of daylight.

Pray for us as we have 5 building projects going on, and needing to hire a welder full time to keep up with the building of trusses, gates, and maintenance, and we are down to 1 good welding machine as 2 are broken. 

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