Thursday, November 21, 2013

PRAYER REQUESTS: Continued strength and energy
                                        Continuing to learn the language
                                        Our family as it is hard to do things as a family, satan tries
                                         to do whatever he can to separate us.                                  

PRAISES:  Boom lift purchased and delivered to Nashville
                   Nicky baptized Ellie while we were in the States
                   New family arrived to work with us
                    Good well was drilled for school with 800 kids
                   Crusade went well in our village during voodoo holidays Halloween in the states

We pasted our 1 year mark for living in Haiti.  In some ways it seems like a year has flown by and other ways it seems like we have been here for much longer.  Either way we are blessed to be able to serve the Lord as a family.

Sorry for the late post.  I have many excuses that I could tell you but the fact that I am a procrastinator should say enough.  I know people want to here what is going on down here but to me it is just normal everyday stuff that doesn't seem important.  I have realized I need to get over that because no matter how small and unimportant our daily lives seem, they are so important to God and His will for the future and furthering His kingdom.

For the past month we have had back to back teams and guest housing.  We are able to be such a blessing to other ministries, providing them a place to stay and meals.  (One night we had over 30 people to feed).   I thank the Lord for our Haitian ladies that do most of the cooking.  I just make sure the meals are planned out and they have the food they need, and help with some of the cooking, making  some deserts.

I was able to give our ladies in the kitchen a cake decorating class with some of the supplies that brought down with me.

Carlene's son turned ten that day.  This was the 1st birthday cake he has ever had.
The boom lift was delivered to Nashville and is awaiting transport, when Nicky can fly back in and load a container. (We have to get our list of things going on the container approved by customs first)

We had a new family move down a month ago.  The Todd family, they have 4 children, ages 4-16.  Xander and Ellie are so excited to have more kids to play with and we are very appreciative of the additional help and fellowship.

Since the time has changed it gets dark at about 5:30pm and gets light about 5:45 am.  Most nights we struggle to stay up till 8:30pm and some nights I have gone to bed at 7:30.  But we do get up early, making you feel that you are more accomplished, plus it is cooler earlier in the mornings.

While we were guest housing both kids were up before I was to make sure they could go help make breakfast for them.  Xander usually is up early but Ellie likes to sleep.  Even she wanted to help even if it was to sit and read a book while Xander, Carrie, and I made breakfast.

Xander is a pro at making scrambled eggs by 6am
We had two well drillers from the states come down with Healing Hands.  They were able to help drill a well for us at a school for about 800 kids, the great thing about that is our kid supporters paid to have this well drilled! From Refuge, Mountain view, Central Baptist churches VBS fund raising along with a few other children that have supported us. We want to give children a opportunity to give clean water and the living water to kids here in Haiti!

Photo: Here are some of the kids who are being blessed by our kid supporters, from Mountain view missionary Baptist,  Refuge Baptist, Central Baptist, and a few individual kids who have supported us! Thank you, parents please thank these kids for sharing Christ and a cool cup of water with these children, 800 at this school, a church, and the community! Keep it up!
Happy kids excited about other kids from the states giving them clean water! We were pumping out the well getting the drilling mud out allowing the clean water to flow!

Doing some maintenance on the well drilling rig replacing seals in the jacks

Got a flat tire on the way to the school to drill the well.

Photo: Pray with these students for clean water today!
Some of the older students at the school praying for good water.

We had a 4 night crusade for all souls day, similar to Halloween in the states, but it is a 2 day national holiday, not trick or treating, ( people here that are into voodoo love to hear about Americans delving into their dark side on halloween) there was over 1000 people here each night 80% were young teens and children at our crudsade, this picture was taken from the far behind.

One of the holes washed from heavy rains, Nickys trying to get the water diverted as we build a wall around the compound so it wont keep washing these ravines.

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