Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back Home

Prayers:  I am not whining but it has been extremely hot here the last few days- today the high has          been 110 degrees

Continue to pray for our family as a whole.  We can get so busy that we don't take time as a family.

Praises:  I am not saying we have enough help but we have more families/ staff helping ease the work loads thru middle of Sept

5 good wells were drilled, bring fresh, clean water to lots of people.  

I don't say this enough,  I am so proud of my husband!  He loves The Lord and has a passion for being the man God wants him to be!

Many days he was leaving the house at 6:30 am to travel more than an hour to work with Curt King a well driller with Healing Hands International.  They were blessed with 5 good, clean wells and one dry hole.

Getting to the last area they drilled was tricky. This was a really steep road.  As they reached the top people were cheering at their arrival. Unfortunately, even to 300 ft was dry.  As they were packing up to go back down the mountain a rainstorm came making the trip more difficult. 

The kids enjoyed playing and spending time with friends and family while we were in the States. But we were all glad to get back home. The lady that runs our conference center kitchen had her grand kids here for a few weeks.  They come every summer. They are such good kids! They speak a little English so it is great to see Xander and Ellie learning and practicing more creole with them.

Most of the time I had anywhere from 9-15 kids at one time. They loved riding bicycles and playing with tennis rackets. The girls loved to help me bake cookies and cakes.

My main job last week was to get receipts turned in and get caught up on sending out thank you notes. I hand wrote 54 in 3 days.  We had a team leaving on Saturday so they needed to go with them back to the states.

We started school Monday.  I was so ready to get back into somewhat of a routine.

We were also encouraged by family, the Turner's, that were here for 10 days on a mission trip.  They are fellow Global Outreach missionaries from Costa Rica.

this well produced over 30 gallon a minute

men watching us drill as most women work in the markets everyday

hard to drink water in front of all these people when we couldnt find water as we drove up the mountain they were cheering with such excitement

this was steeper than it looks to get a few miles up and back down with a 4 cylinder truck with 22,000 lbs and a rain storm coming back down 

people stop for a minute to watch the drilling carrying such loads on their heads

a market we drilled in with over 5,000 people in it 2 days a week
being boys
being girls

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